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Aparat 4 functii tratamente corporale criolipoliza, RF, cavitatie, v www.

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La cerere putem oferi si membrane anti-inghet pentru criolipoliza Aparatul functioneaza pe baza de apa. Cryolipolysis Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive without contact procedure in which doctors place a small suction cup on a patients skin.

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The device gradually extracts body heat until the subcutaneous fat is frozen. RF Clinical practice has proved that RF can effectively compact and regenerate skin.

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Using athena fat burner unique deep-heating technology radio frequency plasma technologyit can active the deep collagen and promote new growing of collagen, to fill collagen contraction and vacancy loss, thus to tighten skin and recover skin elasticity. By RF of real 5MHZ, you can feel heating under skin even if you remove the machine, which supports the long lasting effect well.

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This handpiece called: Lipolysis Handpiece. The two different functions can work at the same time, So, it can achieve a very good and very obvious treatment result than other handpieces.

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It is faster and save time. Yes, you can use the Cavitation or the Monopolar RF separately.

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Cavitation Cavitation is a new technology for breakdown of the fat deposits. This procedure does not involve invasive surgery - there is no need for anesthesia, hospital stay and no down-time.

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This unique Cavitation technology provides a non-invasive method to breakdown stubborn athena fat burner deposits that never seems to disappear no matter what your diet is or how hard you exercise. The most problematic body areas are abdomen, flanks love handlesinner thighs, buttocks, inner knees, under chin and upper arm. It is significantly more effective for fat burning, body shaping, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

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